Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sindy Part Deux

From left to right:
Florien in Misty Blue
and Macha in Sweet Dreams
Sindy dolls
Sharing a couple more outfits from the Sindy lot I acquired... Whoever previously owned the stuff really liked their sleepwear. There was another Sweet Dreams outfit in the lot that was white with a floral pattern but that nightgown's straps were completely missing and the elastic on the fabric was too loose to hold the dress up. Sadly, none of my dolls can model it. As it is, the Misty Blue nightgown on my brunette Sindy has misaligned straps. It looked like someone had tried to mend it in the past and forgot to measure. Luckily, there is a negligee jacket that covers it all. The blue Sweet Dreams nightgown is in pretty good condition except for the worn out bow. Sindy dolls sure liked wearing outfits with a lot of lace.

Anyone has any clue about the height difference on these Sindy dolls? I know that Sindy came in different body types but I had assumed they were all the same height. The brunette one I have has rotating hands and bendy arms but is she supposed to be shorter because of the type of body she has? Silly me for not noticing the height difference until this particular photo shoot...

In the mean time, here's my newly named Sindy doll, Florien, modelling the My Fair Sindy dress.

The dress could use some ironing. It was also missing the matching hat so I had to improvise and borrow from another doll. Looks pretty good despite the slight color variation. I love it when things work out!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sindy and Sindy

From left to right: Pedigree Sindy and Hasbro Sindy

I hazily remember having seen a blonde Pedigree Sindy at a doll show one year many years ago. I guess I wasn't ready for her then. It was a matter of time, I suppose. After rediscovering my sister's Hasbro Sindy (blogged HERE), I had contemplated over getting my own Sindy for some time. Only I'm partial to the even older ones with the big heads.

I recently snagged a Sindy lot on Ebay with her closet and a bunch of tlc clothes for a good price. The closet itself is in really good condition with the expected yellowing due to its age. The clothes varied in state and most of them need mending. One of the calico print dresses was in excellent condition while I had to sew the snaps back on the other one. How fascinating that even though the floral print on the dresses are the same, they actually slightly vary in shades and the cloth material on one is softer than the other. Plus, the lace collar is designed wider on one and not the other.

One can never go wrong with a brunette Sindy in a doll lot. There are too many blonde Sindys! She's not perfect by any means. There's a hairline crack on one of her hands. Her hair was hideous and standing on end when I got her but she cleaned up nicely. I'm not a fan of the strange way her hair is thinly rooted all around except the crown. I've read somewhere that some Sindys tend to have thin hair and my brunette doll is no exception. It also looks like someone had fun with scissors and this doll at some point in time. Still, she's super cute!

Here's a dress that is a part of Sindy's fashion called 'Let's Have a Dinner Party' from the lot that I tried to salvage. It's missing the overcoat, headband and shoes. Three of the four snaps were hanging off and the velcro to hold the collar was gone. The dress itself was very wrinkly. I actually washed it and tried to iron out the wrinkles so it looks so much better than before even though it's still wrinkly. I was afraid to iron in high heat and ruin it further. I sewed back the loose snaps and replaced the missing velcro with metal snaps.

The flower headband belongs to a Sindy wedding outfit that wasn't in the lot so Sindy is wearing it with this dress instead. Just like one can never go wrong with a brunette Sindy, one can never go wrong with a headband on a big headed doll!

I'm thoroughly enjoying this new vintage doll venture. As fun as it is to collect and seek out vintage fashion dolls like Francie, she's outrageously priced most of the time and it's very difficult to find her in good condition for a good price. Sindy dolls can be pricey too at times but you can still get good ones for reasonable prices. I can see Sindy as Francie's big-headed friend from the UK!

....And to think the spark to this new love affair really only began when I rediscovered my sister's old doll.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Doll Memories II

My Scene Barbie and My Scene Hanging Out Sutton

Before there were collector Barbie dolls in my life, there were My Scene dolls. I was never a fan of the Bratz dolls but I did like the earlier My Scene before they got too snooty looking. They reminded me of anime characters with their big head and eyes. I absolutely loved the playsets too. And for once, I was fond of the boy dolls (Sorry Ken!).

Had to dig through stuff for these guys. I actually don't remember which My Scene Barbie I have here so if you recognize her, pretty please let me know. She's wearing her original outfit and I remember her coming with two other separates.

Sutton is wearing his original top and necklace but I apparently exchanged his cargo shorts with a pair of pants when I put him away. The shorts required more digging and I ran out of patience. Check out the belt on his pants though. It is nicely detailed! And he actually has a cuff bracelet on his right wrist that isn't showing. These dolls were very well made. Even his hair is cool!

Barbie is looking fab too. These My Scene dolls can probably put the pink label collector dolls today by Mattel to shame when quality and price is compared. And My Scene were playline dolls. Ah, the good ol' days!

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